Blades Italia


What do table tennis and forests have in common? The wood is born from the trees and comes to be the ideal conjunction between the body of the table tennis athlete and the ball. We tell you this link in this story of sport and nature that begins in Trentino, in the Val di Fiemme and more precisely, in the forest of Paneveggio, famous for its “resonance wood”. From this forest, managed by the province of Trento and PEFC certified for its sustainability, it is cut the wood that gives the world’s most prestigious musical instruments. Music but not only.
From this forest also comes the wood that has been used for the realization of the first PEFC certified table tennis racket in the world. But musical instruments and table tennis rackets do non have common only the origin. In fact, the design of a table tennis chassis, equal to the most sophisticated musical instrument, requires in-depth skills in the field of mechanics of vibrations and knowledge in the use of materials. Between the news of production 2019 “ Italia” is distingueshed, exclusively carried out with Stone Pine , Resonance Spruce and Larch coming from the PEFC certified alpine forests. Five layers and 76 grams of sustainability. A wonderful mix of technology and craftsmanship that gives life to an object in which nature, technique and art is combined with perfection, giving the ideal instrument to the athletes in search of parables and a special feeling. Athletes like Alessandro Baciocchi, Italian national champion and exceptional testimonial which has found a well-balanced blade with very check but also quick in the "Italia" racket, thanks to a touch of ball, the sensitivity and the parable that make it as a master. The use of PEFC certified wood of Artte Telai and a winning choice, a perfect balance between sports performance and environmental sustainability, that tells another positive story of italian excellence in the world.



Materials Resonance Spruce - Stone Pine
Plies 3
Weight 73 g
Thickness 5,7 mm
Head size 155 x 165 mm
Balance Central
Category DEF+


3-layer blade - moderately enlarged plate; control and sensitivity, excellent in all situations facilitating the recovery of the ball and the prompt response in the opponent's square. Ideal with a long pips near the table and chop the distance, not too slow when you want to attack, it maintains a high parabola.


Materials Resonance Spruce - Larch - Stone Pine
Layers 5
Weight 78 g
Thickness 5.4 mm
Flat size 151,5 x 156,5 mm
Balance Central
Category ALL+


5-layer blade - touch of ball, sensitivity and parabola are the masters. Well balanced blade, and despite having a lot of control it does not lack speed. Perfect for those looking for a parabola and a special feeling.


Materials Resonance Spruce - Larch - Stone Pine
Plies 7
Weight 98 g
Thickness 6,8 mm
Head size 151,5 x 156,5 mm
Balance Central
Category OFF-


7- layer blade - well balanced in all, excellent control in the short part and in the block but at the same time it does not lack that pinch of aggressiveness that an attacker looks for.


Materiali Abete Rosso di risonanza – Larice –Carbon - Pino Cirmolo
Strati 7
Peso 96 g
Spessore 6.2 mm
Dimensioni piatto 151,5 x 156,5 mm
Bilanciamento Punta
Categoria OFF+


Telaio 7 strati - estremamente veloce per attaccanti puri, ideale per giocatori a cui piace stare a distanza dal tavolo. Ottima parabola ed elasticità considerando la velocità, centro colpo allargato grazie alla presenza del carbonio.


Materials Resonance Spruce - Larch - Ralvek Carbon - Stone Pine
Plies 7
Weight 83 g
Thickness 5,7 mm
Head size 151,5 x 156,5 mm
Balance Handle
Category OFF


7- layer blade - for modern attackers who also like control and a lot of feeling. Great parabola and sensitivity like all Artte produced woods, with the Ralvek Carbon highlights speed increase to be able to execute more decisive attacks, precise and easy to use in the block and in the short game.


Weight ±  3g

Thickness ±  5%

The indicated weight is an indicative reference,
varies according to the handle.