About us


Artte is a brand dedicated to table tennis blades registered by Artigian Mobili


ARTTE is a trademark registered by Artigian Mobili, an artisan workshop whose story has been connected to wood for over 50 years. Loyal to the vision of its founder, Nazareno Rossi, the family business has passed its core values from generation to generation: the cult of work carried out flawlessly, an uncompromising attention to details and the passion for experimenting together with the revival of the ancient Italian craftsmanship.

Today Artigian Mobili is a workshop of high cabinet-making where cutting-edge numerical control technology goes hand in hand with hand-made procedures. Thanks to its expertise and an unstoppable desire for innovation and creativity, over the time this family business has reached different fields: from the most refined creations for the interior design, to musical instruments, sound systems and sports equipment. Such versatility gave birth to ARTTE, high performance table tennis blades.

Different experiences, all connected by the same common denominator: wood. A friend, a partner loved and appreciated in every aspect, respected for its countless qualities and its small flaws. A unique material, as only good friends can be, that will cherish our emotions and treasure our dreams to make them come true together.



Wood is an extraordinary material incredibly built by Nature from simple rain water and the warm embrace of the sun. When managed responsibly, it is an inexhaustible resource that improves the living conditions of both the environment and the human kind. Following the same vision, for ARTTE the respect of human values and sustainability is a priority. This is proved also by the decision of lowering to the minimum the environmental impact of its production cycle. Thanks to a modern solar power system, ARTTE blades are created in a cutting-edge workshop, where over the 70% of the energetic consumption has been replaced by sustainable energy sources with zero environmental impact.

Energy from renewable sources


Conscientious about corporate social responsibility, especially in terms of raw materials quality and origin, ARTTE proved its desire for innovation by introducing in the table tennis blades field a line of rackets built exclusively in traceable wood coming from sustainable forests. This is why it started a journey towards the certification according to PEFC standards (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).